Internal Delivery


Special Service for Companies. Receive your Legal Documents in your office or house.

If you constantly need Certifications of the legal representative of you company, Studies or Certification of National Registry (vehicles, properties, trademarks, powers of attorney) or Certification of Civil Registry. You can use our services of search and delivery of Legal Documents anywhere in Costa Rica.

The documents will be delivered to the place you designate in the least time possible and without major costs.

Documents Issued by the Civil Registry:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Civil Status Certificates
  • Death Certificates

Documents issued by National Registry of The Property:

  • Powers of Attorney Certifications.
  • Companies' Representatives Certifications
  • Studies of Properties issued by National Registry
  • Vehicles Certifications
  • Trademarks Certifications
  • Blueprints Certifications
  • Goods Certifications by Person or Company's name.
  • Microfilmed Documents Certifications



Consultation of Document


In order to provide a quality service to our customers any other document you might need should be analyzed by our staff to verify its transaction availability.

All certifications are originals and issued by the correspondent authority in Costa Rica. If the document is going to be used abroad it will be legalized by the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the correspondent Consulate.

The Interested party must provide all data in order to start the process.

Documents are issued in Spanish Language. The contents of the documents will be translated to English in case it is necessary.

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